Part II Journey to IVF

 I dont have much to talk about this go around about my visit to the doctor, but one step closer. I went in on the 12th of this Audust to have some blood work done.  They advise that it will take a week or so to get everything back and I move forward to the next step, the shot…ughhh.  I was given a prescription for birth control pills and a antiboitics(its make me so sick).  I was advise that I need to take the birth control pills for only 21 days to help control my hormones.  I was a little nerves about taking the birth control because I am trying to get pregnant, hello..(lol). But after asking questions, I was told that it help with the estrogen and protegen in the body as well.  Now as far as the antiboitics, they advise that I have to only take 10 of them and the rest after the procedure to prevent any infections.  Wow, I am so over whelm with all of this.  I personally thought that you go in, run a blood test, get hubby sperm and then plant, but heck no….when I say a journey best believe its a journey and one that I am looking forward too.

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