My Journey to IVF

I know it has been a while since I gave my last report about my Journey to IVF.  Well since the last time I had my retrieval which was on a Wednesday, September 14,2011.  They were able to retrieve 14 eggs from me that day.  The following day I received a call from the embryologist to stated that 8 eggs didn’t make but 6 of them were exceeding great.  Well, they had me on the 5-day blastocyst transfer, September 19, 2011.  When speaking with the doctor before the transfer took place, I was advised that the eggs that they were using were graded 5aa and 5ab(great).  She was very skeptical about transferring two because I am high risk of having twins, yeah twins!!!  At this moment, I am on the nerve rack train which you cal the two-week wait….. I find out my news on Oct 3 if I will be expecting, so wish me all the baby dust!!!

By the way, I was able to have 3 eggs frozen.  My hubby and I decided if this round work out great for us we will be donating the eggs to a less fortunate person who wants to share the same experience as us!

My IVF Journey

okay, so my BIG DAY was 09-12-11…..I was given my HCG shot(trigger shot).  I am schedule to take my shot at 9:00pm after leaving the doctor’s office today.  My visit went so great , I am smiling so big that it hurt.  I was advised that I have several follicle ranging from 16-22mm.  My estrogen level is great.  I have my retrieval schedule for Wednesday at 8:00 am. I am a lil nervous but nothing I can’t get over. Wish me luck everyone!!!!

My Journey to IVF

Well, I went in on Friday to find out that they are going to push me one day back for retrieval.  My follicle are growing good.  They were between 10-15mm.  They ask that I return back on a sunday.  On Sunday I was up at 19mm. I am so ready to move forward but I want things to be right at the same time.  Going back in a Monday to get update and an okay to trigger that night.

My road to IVF

Had a visit with the doctor on September 7, 2011 to make sure that I was producing enough follicle.  I had plenty of small ones and one large one.  So right now I am waiting for the doctor to call me to up my meds now.  I have  to return back to the clinic on September 9 to make sure that I have enough mature follicle to proceed with my retrieval date of September 13. If I don’t have enough mature follicle, my retrieval date will be pushed back to the original date of September 20.  So everyone hope things go great Friday!!!!


My Journey To In Vitro Fertilization(IVF)


I knew it wasn’t all a dream once I walk in the CORMS facility on July 18, 2011 and sign my name on the sign-up sheet. I am so excited to share my journey of theIn Vitro Fertilization(IVF) procedure with everyone. I find myself everyday reading different stories about the procedure and some of the goods and bad outcome. The person that I am, I’m not going to focus on nothing bad out of this. At this moment I am so level headed and ready to start this ball to rolling and hopefully having a little bundle of joy next year. Well, for the first check-up, my husband and I were both present to do some physical and semen analyst. Once we were called to the back we were separated. I had to get my height, weight, blood pressure check to make sure that was ok. My hubby on the other hand, had to go an check out some hot-sexy women in a magazine to fill up the little cup. (lol) Well once that was done we were call in a room to have a Transvaginal Ultrasound done to allow the physician to view the ovaries, uterus, and other internal organs. The ultrasound is used to monitor the size and number of follicles produced in the ovary. It is usual to check the resting ovary for cysts before the commencement of therapy with fertility medications (induction of ovulation or super ovulation).

After the procedure the nurse advised me that I am in good shape and that we can proceed with the In Vitro Fertilization(IVF). I was advised by the nurse, once I start my menstrual cycle, I would need to call into the office on their 24 hr line because of a test that has to be done within 3 days of the cycle. Jeez, this one time that I wish my cycle hurry up!(lol). I was also given some prenatal pills to start taking before my actual procedure take place.

Well right now I think I am one of the happiest person in this world right about now to know and hopefully having one of my dreams come true. I will keep everyone posted on my next visit to the clinic and how my journey of In Vitro Fertilization(IVF) is going…




Wanting a Baby over the age 35….

I know of several women in their 40′s who have had good pregnancies and healthy babies. I also know several women in their 20′s who had multiple pregnancy complications and had babies with problems. Some times this happens and having babies at a younger age does not guarantee a problem-free time or a healthy baby. It is fine to have a baby at over the age of 35, but you will want to get prenatal care as soon as you know you are pregnant and you can plan for your doctor to monitor you more closely than if you were younger.

My hubby and I have decided that we want to have baby. We have been marry for 2 ½ years now. I have two sons that are 17 and 14. He has a son that is 9. I was a little nervous about the situation because of my age and I had my tubes tied. After undergoing a Laparoscopy it was found that the doctor that tied my tubes actually removed all of them. Yes, I said he removed all of them!!! I was very hurt in the hope of having them reversed. My hubby and I decided that we are going to do the In-vitro fertilization( IVF).. I know this is not a cheap procedure but it the only way that I will be able to have a baby. After doing some homework and seeking different medical advise, I was refer to a clinic called CORM(Center of Reproductive Medicine). I spoke with a young lady name Elva, that was very helpful. I explain to her about my situation with all the tubes being removed and she did a great job of comforting me. My hubby and I are schedule to begin our procedure next month.

I am hoping to meet someone or people that actually done the IVF to share their experience with us.